Lowell Post Office

296 Hazen Notch Rd
Lowell, VT 05847-9998

(800) 275-8777

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This United States Postal Service
Location Is In Orleans County

Informative Information Concerning the United States Post Office Including This Location in Lowell

An independent, government company, the U.S. Post Office is the only delivery solution that delivers to every single address in the country: One hundred fifty five million homes, organisations and also Post Office Boxes. The Post Office gets no tax bucks for general expenses and also relies upon the sale of postage and shipping, product or services to pay for its procedures.

With greater than 31.6K retail areas and also the most regularly checked out internet site in the federal government.

The United States Postal Service has annual income of virtually $69 billion and also supplies forty seven percent of the globe's mail. With more than half a million staff members, the United States Post Office is among the nation's biggest employers. If it were a private sector firm, the U.S. Postal Service would rank 43rd in the 2015 Fortune 500 as well as 137th in the 2015 Global Fortune 500 listing.

The US Post Office operates one of the globe's largest local area networks, linking nearly 32,000 centers and also making interaction feasible between 100's of thousands of employees, as well as our consumers.

The Post Office mission is to offer a reliable, effective, trusted and cost effective global delivery solution that connects individuals as well as helps companies expand. Everybody living in the USA and its areas has access to postal services and products and pays the very same for 1st Class postage stamp despite their place.

The United States Postal Service has actually established a core set of enduring goals that guide every one of its critical campaigns and continuous renovation initiatives:

  • Deliver High-Quality Solutions
  • Provide Excellent Customer Experiences
  • Guarantee a Safe Workplace and an Engaged Labor force

The Postal Service places information and technology at the center of its service methods. It's finding methods to harness analytics and understandings and info to equip staff members as well as clients. It's also speeding up the pace of innovation, and developing mobile as well as digital devices to play a bigger role in the daily electronic lives of customers. The US Postal Service is already a technology driven company. It makes use of the globe's most sophisticated tracking and also information systems to speed up the circulation of mail and also packages throughout its network, producing literally billions of data points each day. The United States Postal Service is leveraging the info derived from that robust scanning as well as tracking to add value to the senders as well as receivers of mail and also packages, as well as to develop brand new product or services to spur growth in the mailing industry.

The United States Post Office continues to play a crucial function as a driver of business and also as a provider of delivery solutions that connects Americans to each other, dependably, cost effectively and safely, as well as to every property as well as service address.

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United States Postal Service
296 Hazen Notch Rd
Lowell, VT 05847-9998
United States
(800) 275-8777

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